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Tri-State Hydroseeding 

Erosion Control

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Tristate Hydroseeding is a family-owned and operated business, providing quality services to residential and commercial customers in the region. We are dedicated to helping our clients create beautiful, lush lawns and gardens with our hydro seeding services. We offer grass seeding services that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether it's for commercial construction, residential projects, or reseeding for ditches and highway shoulders, we've got you covered. 

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We are dedicated to detail and working tirelessly to ensure that your lawn or landscape remains beautiful and healthy for many years to come.


Hydroseeding offers several advantages over traditional sodding methods, including water efficiency, faster results, reduced labor, and improved seed germination. It provides an effective solution for establishing lawns in various landscape conditions.

reduced watering

Hydroseeding requires less watering compared to sod. The mulch in the hydroseeding mix retains moisture, allowing for regular watering but not as intensely as required for sod.

Efficient Seeding Process

Unlike conventional lawn seeding, hydroseeding is a one-step process. The hydroseeding mix includes mulch, aiding grass seed germination and resulting in a more even and uniform lawn.

Reduced Seed Loss

The mulch in the hydroseeding mix helps prevent seed washout, reducing the loss of grass seeds during the germination process.

Fertilier and Soil Amendments

Hydroseeding slurry contains fertilizer and other soil amendments, eliminating the need for soil preparation before seeding and additional fertilizing once the turf starts growing.

Less labor intensive

Hydroseeding requires less labor compared to traditional turf seeding methods, making it a more efficient and time-saving option.

Suitable for challenging locations

Hydroseeding enables the growth of lawns in difficult-to-reach or hard-to-mow areas, making it a versatile choice for various landscape conditions.

Potentially cost effective

Hydroseeding might be a cost-effective alternative to laying sod, considering the reduced labor and faster results.

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Get a free quote today and take the first step towards turning your dreams grass into reality. Our team of hydroseeders are ready to help you achieve your lawn goals and exceed your growth expectations. Let us show you how we can make a difference in your grass.

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